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I have a fetish for fetishes.

As author E.E. Levitt says, abnormal sex is just the sex other people are having that you wouldn’t enjoy.

I don’t necessarily personally enjoy the things that I write about here (and often I do!), but I do LOVE the way other people enjoy them. I love getting inside someone’s sexual skull and understanding Why, What and How they love the things that turn them on.

Often, I do find new things to turn me on. Please don’t hold that against me. 🙂

So – I’ve tried to divide my blog into categories so that hopefully you can read more of what turns you on (“kinks”) and avoid some of the things that might turn you off (“squicks”).


Or sample one of the following categories:

Cuckold – hotwife – cheating.

Financial Domination

Domination and Submission – BDSM

Sex Therapy

Fetish and Kink

Guys, Bi’s, Shemales, Cocks and Cum

Miss Anna’s College of Cumswallowing

Foot and Shoe

Fantasy and Role Play


Personal Posts