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Fun with a subbie

Teasing a little cumswallowing subbie this morning. I know it sounds counterproductive – if $$$ were the bottom line I’d have had him on the phone instantly – but I do love the way that he prostrates himself before me when I tease, but don’t let him cum for me. He’s so full of lovely ideas of ways I could torture him further. Definitely worth my time doing this every once in a while.

There he goes – off to work dripping. Seems like he won’t have time to cum for Me until five days from now. Oh well. 😀

he: im pretty desperate right now lol. when that sets in you can just about make me do anything lol
Miss Annalise: yep
he: its bad. im pathetic
Miss Annalise: uh huh. (grin )
he: vulnerable and horny.  what do you want me to do mistress – what ever you want please let me cum lol
Miss Annalise: Nope.
he: lol i wasnt asking just saying lol. just explaining Im at take level right now because its been days like 7 since i cam and you could do anything now
Miss Annalise: and I am.

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