Cuckolding Question, Part One (is it “wrong”?)

Dear Miss Annalise,

I have a fantasy for years. My wife puts me in the closet and I watch her with a black guy. Then she gets me out and makes me do stuff and makes fun of my tiny cock. Is this really wrong and should I tell her I want to do it and why do I want it?

– Can’t Understand Craving Kink


Dear CUCK –

Cuckolding fantasies are wonderful, aren’t they?

I would have to talk to you to get more to the bottom of why you would like your wife to fuck another guy. Feel free to call me anytime about it.

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However, I can give some general reasons which might help you to think about why this fantasy is particularly powerful for you.

1. Small cock fantasies: you mentioned your “tiny cock”. I have a lot of guys call me up about their penis size. Since I’m both a qualified sexual counselor and a phone sex actress, I find this one tricky. Do they want me to tell them the honest statistical truths, do they want to know my personal preferences, or do they want the fantasy – where I tell them they are inadequate and that only an enormous phallus will ever get to penetrate me, not that ridiculously small thing they are grasping so desperately while talking to me.

If that last sentence excited you, chances are you want to work more with fantasy than reality. Just let me know at the beginning of the call, I can play to that for you. Reality is that the average penis size in the US is 5.1 inches, and that’s just fine for most women. Statistically speaking, women say they prefer sexual intimacy over orgasm

However, if you are looking to please a particular type of women, things are very different. There are women who are very much size queens and who won’t have sex with anything smaller than a certain size. You might be fantasizing that you are married to one – or maybe you really are married to a Size Queen.

Your cock may or may not be the preferred size for your wife. She might not care. She might care. The only way to know is to ask. I suspect though, that you’d rather fantasize about it. I’ve had clients with eight inch cocks want to fantasize about being “too small” and to be humiliated for it while their wives laugh and writhe on a truly monster cock. Your actual size is often irrelevant to this fantasy.

2. Humiliation or embarrassment. These are very powerful emotions. The humiliation of being inadequate. The embarrassment of having to sit aside (or even be shoved in a closet) while a real man does the work of satisfying your wife. Any powerful emotion combined with sexual feelings makes for a very very powerful orgasm. It’s easy to get addicted to that feeling. However, you might find that over time you have to fantasize about more and more extreme things in order to get the same high as before, because the mind gets desensitized to the images you created in the beginning. Wanting to turn this from fantasy to reality might be part of that desire to increase your sexual “high”.

3. Making you “do stuff”. Interesting that you didn’t name exactly what she wanted you to do. In your fantasy does she make you “fluff” his cock – to stimulate it with your mouth or hands to get it ready for her? Does she make you put it inside of her? Does she make you clean her genitals (or his) before or after sex? Or does she make you do things that point out you are excluded – such as making you sit in a corner or beside her. Or does she make you do things with him – such as having him fuck you? All these things are parts of some people’s fantasies about cuckolding. Some people like a forced bisexual experience. Others don’t. What’s your preference, and how strong is that preference?

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Is it “wrong”?

This is a bit of a simplistic question. Whether wanting to be cuckolded is immoral, “bad” or undesirable is something only you can decide. I can’t tell you. I can help you to explore your personal values about different aspects of the situation you desire and help you to dicover where they might clash with those values. This can help you make decisions about what elements of fantasy you want to keep and which ones you might want to steer away from.

As for whether you should tell your wife… that’s a whole other issue. I’m out of time for writing this week though, let me get back to you on that one next week. I’ll link to it here. 🙂

Thanks for your question, CUCK. I’ve sent you three free minutes to talk to me. Thank you for supplying your NiteFlirt username when you wrote to me here so that I could do that.

Until we talk in person!


Miss Annalise

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