Sex Therapy – with a twist!

Do you struggle with any sort of sexual matter? Do you feel you want to talk about sex but have no-one to talk to without feeling judged?

Hi I’m Annalise. I am an Australian-qualified sexologist currently getting qualified in the US. I missed practicing as a sex therapist, then one night I woke to a brilliant idea – I can still work as a sex therapist on a phone sex site!

The huge advantage of this to me is that I think of all the times that I’ve gotten hot and bothered listening to a client talk about their sex life… and because of professional boundaries and ethics I’ve been unable to get horny right along with my client. This is good and how it should be in professional therapy, but as a Phone Sex Therapist I can also be the horny little Thing I am!!

While I like working as a therapist, I also just love people and genuine interactions with them. I’m a wild girl with a great imagination, and I’d love to create amazing fantasies from our talks together and play them out with you. How amazing are they? Just check out my feedback!

It’s truly an honor for me to be trusted with people’s issues. You’ll find I am open and accepting of anything I’m allowed to talk with you about here. I’ve heard it all before, believe me. There’s no need to be embarrassed to tell me anything. Sex is too wonderful a part of life for you to continue to have any issues with it at all.


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