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Game: Dress-Ups

This game will suit financial domination addicts as well as the transvestite/cross-dresser/girly boys or lovers of fetish gear in general.

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It plays like this:

1.Make a list of every item in an outfit and email it to me. For example, Mike has a barbie outfit with fetish accessories. The first things on his list are: Hair Bow, Pink Collar and Leash, and Barbie Panties.

2.Send me the list. Then call me.

3.I’m going to get you dressed. I will say an item and you have as much time until I say the next item to get that thing on and be ready for me. I may count down the time you have left to put the item on, or I might just wait until I am ready to say the next thing and just say it. 🙂

4.If I say an item that requires another item to be put on first you must state that other item as well and also get it on in time. For example, if I say “sparkly Barbie slippers” then you must say “stockings too” and get both your stockings and your shoes on before I move on to the next item.

5.If you fail to get an item on in time, the game can go several ways (feel free to make a suggestion!):

cross dressing

◦I will invent a creative punishment.

◦I will almost certainly make you start again.

◦If you like a little financial domination, I might hang up on you, raise my rate, and once you have all your gear off we can start again.

Sound like fun? Call me!

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