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Bondage tips and techniques:

Bondage (the “B” in BDSM) includes a wide variety of techniques.

The most common on stage and screen is tying the wrists and ankles to the bed posts. While this may present a lovely visual, the reality is that that particular position can make it difficult for a female submissive to tilt her pelvis up for sex. It is even more difficult for anal sex on a male or female submissive if they are tied face up.

Bondage - spreadeagled_cleaned Image source.

This can be remedied a bit by placing a pad, such as a pillow, under the buttocks of the tied submissive before you tie their legs. Alternatively, legs can be pulled up and attached above the submmissive, or up towards their head and arms.

Bondage - spreadeagled with pillow_cleaned Image source.

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However, there are many other interesting and stimulating positions in which to tie someone up.

First consider bondage safety.

For the more flexible, athletically inclined, there is tying wrist to ankle. This presents the clitoris and the vagina on a woman and the cock and balls on a man quite nicely, at an angle that makes intercourse, digital play or oral stimulation all comfortable possibilities, especially with a small pillow under the bound person’s butt, if they are on their back. If you have the cords around his/her chest, make sure it is comfortable for them to breathe.

As with any tie, think about the huge variety of positions in which the same tie can be used. Again, think safety, as the submissive cannot use their limbs to support themselves, so be careful to protect your neck and back if you change the position of your submissive while they are bound. It might be safer to undo a tie or two before repositioning.

Bondage - wrist to ankles 1_cleaned bondage - wrist to ankles 2_cleaned bondage - wrist to ankles 3_cleaned   Bondage - wrists to ankles_cleanedbondage wrists to ankles_cleaned






For the not so flexible, there is tying wrist to thigh. This still presents the genitals in an enticing way and is comfortable for the bound.This can also be turned into a frog-tie, in which the ankles and thighs are tied together as well. Hands-to-thighs is one of my favorite ties – keeping a submissive controlled, but not … too controlled. 😛

bondage - wrists to thighs_cleanedbondage - wrist to ankles 4_cleaned bondage - wrist to ankles 5_cleaned

There is also just tying the hands,  which you can tie in front and then over the head, or behind. If you are tying someone with his/her hands behind them and having them lie on his/her back, make sure and check in on circulation. There is also tying at the elbows, which especially effective if you are have the bound on his/her chest.

bondage - hands tied 2_cleaned bondage - hands tied_cleaned

For the more adventurous, there are several other more advanced tying techniques, such as the ball tie, the hog tie, the G-string tie, the overarm tie, and the most famous, Japanese shibari, which is both practical and decorative. Many BDSM clubs have educational talks and demonstrations about different bondage techniques, and there are plenty of books.

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