My birthday!!

Mmmmm, to those of you who knew it was my birthday today, and sent birthday wishes or gifts – thank you!!

Shawn – the legwarmers are deliciously soft and SO long – I love them!

Mousie – good boy, that red bondage rope is amazing!!!

Kier, Steve, Jo and Shane – thank you for the Amazon gift cards. I almost have enough now for my new camera lens!!! I’m so excited!!

Brian – ohmy! I love my package of Aussie food treats! I had an Australia day party last night, and let people try a little sampling of everything and they loved it! Selfishly, I’m keeping most of it myself. I shall be nibbling on things for months! 😀

And of course, all the birthday wishes on my phone line have been delicious as well. Did you miss my birthday? No worries, give me a call anyway!

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