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Who doesn’t love gifts?

Who doesn’t love gifts?

If you feel the need to supplement your devotion/servitude or show your gratitude by purchasing a gift, please do so! My Wish List can be found at the bottom of any of my NiteFlirt listings, or alternatively you can just click here.

The link will take you to my main Wish List, which is full of fun sexy toys and such.

However, if you look down the left-hand side of the page, you will see several other Wish Lists that I have as well. You can also find my Wish Lists at the bottom of any of my NiteFlirt listings:

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Some clients or submissives feel the need to get me sexy things, perhaps because they want to be felt in my bedroom or dungeon. Others would rather have a greater impact on my daily life, and so choose from my Everyday Wish List.

If you really want to please me, just buy any item from my YES PLEASE! Wish List, which is full of photography gear. I’m an avid photographer and am always looking for the next fun piece of photography gear to play with.

Don’t have money for a gift? I love feedback on NF as well, or just a lovely email of appreciation!

My birthday falls on the 26th of January. It’s super easy to remember: it’s also Australia Day!!

I am often asked what I want most from my Wish Lists. That depends a lot on your budget, and what sort of thing you want to buy me. NO EXCUSES: There is a list for every budget! My wish list items all have notes on them so you can know how much I want any particular item.

Please allow an extra 3-4 days for items to reach me after Amazon says they are delivered. My Wish List items are delivered to my Denver post office box, and then forwarded to my home address in New Mexico from there.

Here are some of my other lists:


My birthday!!

Mmmmm, to those of you who knew it was my birthday today, and sent birthday wishes or gifts – thank you!!

Shawn – the legwarmers are deliciously soft and SO long – I love them!

Mousie – good boy, that red bondage rope is amazing!!!

Kier, Steve, Jo and Shane – thank you for the Amazon gift cards. I almost have enough now for my new camera lens!!! I’m so excited!!

Brian – ohmy! I love my package of Aussie food treats! I had an Australia day party last night, and let people try a little sampling of everything and they loved it! Selfishly, I’m keeping most of it myself. I shall be nibbling on things for months! 😀

And of course, all the birthday wishes on my phone line have been delicious as well. Did you miss my birthday? No worries, give me a call anyway!

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Weekend Humor – Sit on My Face

The fantastic Monty Python Skit – “Sit on My Face”:

Posted especially for the stupid new porn regulations in England recently. No face-sitting in porn, because it might be dangerous to try it at home! *eyeroll*

Now for something completely different… I’ve thought of doing a Monty Python Phone Sex Line. I’d be a-woman-playing-a-man-playing-a-woman! Can you imagine it? “Ooooo, is you widdle dicky all hard, sweetie?”

What do you think? Should I do it? 😛

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My Introduction to Phone Sex

G’day! I’m Annalise and I’m an Australian and a phone sex operator… among other things.

I’ll admit it, I’m new to this business. I only started working full time as a phone sex operator in April of 2012. I do have a long history of dealing with human sexuality – I chose every subject I could take in college on human sexuality, gender studies and disabilities. I have a bachelors degree as well as being a licensed therapist in Australia. I have worked extensively in the area of sexuality, in clinics and with my own consulting business, and I have traveled the world to study and explore sexuality in different cultures.

How I became a PSO:

I learned about phone sex from a friend in Australia about eight years ago. She loved doing it and introduced me to her friends who also did it. So I thought I’d give it a go:

I lasted through 24 hours and my first 3 phone calls. Every call when something like this:

Me: hello.

He: hello.

(long silence)

He: so what do you want to talk about?

(long silence)

Me: Um, didn’t you call me?

Okay, so I never said that last line. But I definitely decided that phone sex was not for me at that point in my life. Instead I continued studying sex (and of course enjoying it on a personal level) for the next eight years.

Then in March of this year I was about to start college here in the US to get my Masters degree and become qualified as a sex therapist over here as well. I was looking for work that I could do while studying, and I woke up in the middle of the night thinking “What if I give this another go?”

So I did. This time I had plenty to talk about, having filled my life with talking about sex and sexuality for most of the last decade. I even set myself up as a Phone Sex Therapist. It was a genius idea – I am loving being able to do therapy, phone sex, or even a mix of both!

curly secrets crop

Things that I love about being a phone sex operator (or phone actress if you want to be more politically correct, I don’t really care):
•Just being able to listen to the hidden desires of callers is a thrill.
•I love being able to use my creativity and my intelligence to create fantasies. My counseling background enables me to create an open and non-judgemental environment in which callers can feel comfortable with expressing their deepest desires. As a therapist I am also more able to get into the mind of my caller, which is very exciting.
•Ditto for helping callers feel heard about their issues, and adding some creative problem-solving to the mix.
•Serving client needs – helping people to gain satisfaction and sexual happiness in their real lives.
•Filling my own sexual needs. Although I am polyamorous and have several love and sex interests in my life already, I’m always open for new sexual or intimate fun!
•Expanding my repertoire of fantasy material. I have often called myself the fetishists fetishist. I love different fetishes and fantasies and I discover more all the time.

So… yes. I often have thoughts and fantasies that I’d like to blog, or answers to questions that callers have asked me during the day. I hope you enjoy following me!

And hey, if you want to give me a call – there’s a standing offer of three free minutes for the first call to me. I’m also a little inclined to hand out a free minute or three to exceptional comments here.

If you are already a NiteFlirt customer and haven’t called me before, just drop me a message or add me to your favorites and I’ll send you three free minutes! Or just call me, and if you ask I’ll send you three free minutes for your second call!

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Fun with a subbie

Teasing a little cumswallowing subbie this morning. I know it sounds counterproductive – if $$$ were the bottom line I’d have had him on the phone instantly – but I do love the way that he prostrates himself before me when I tease, but don’t let him cum for me. He’s so full of lovely ideas of ways I could torture him further. Definitely worth my time doing this every once in a while.

There he goes – off to work dripping. Seems like he won’t have time to cum for Me until five days from now. Oh well. 😀

he: im pretty desperate right now lol. when that sets in you can just about make me do anything lol
Miss Annalise: yep
he: its bad. im pathetic
Miss Annalise: uh huh. (grin )
he: vulnerable and horny.  what do you want me to do mistress – what ever you want please let me cum lol
Miss Annalise: Nope.
he: lol i wasnt asking just saying lol. just explaining Im at take level right now because its been days like 7 since i cam and you could do anything now
Miss Annalise: and I am.

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